How woke are you?

First off, I hope this is not offensive…But I’d rather be “woke” than “blind”!

How woke do you think you are though?

I realised how I’m not ‘woke’ woke the other day, when I couldn’t help but laugh at a article. Too being with, I got where this person was coming from, but even this was a little too “woke” for myself. I also believe though, if you really don’t like something, don’t watch it, don’t talk about it, don’t give it a voice. Instead, create what you want instead.

In Australia, we have a children’s program called “Bluey”…

Bluey is a Blue Australian Cattle Cartoon talking dog…I don’t know really know much else about the show, other than that and that it is really popular.

So a journalist came out to say that Bluey wasn’t diverse enough for children. Like I was saying before, I’m all for diversity, but Bluey is pretty set up now and is still a popular show, that doesn’t harm children in the negative. It also generally runs for only 7 minutes. I’m not exactly sure what this journalist was trying to do. But of course if you said anything, you were being racists (the journalists is Asian) and you’re a bigot.

Which is clearly silly.

I guess it’s with anything that swings too far either way, people get silly.

So I’m “woke”, but I’m not woke woke I guess, haha


3 thoughts on “How woke are you?

  1. Never heard of that show, but it sounds that people are overreacting. Are their animated works that should be called out for being problematic? Absolutely, but this is too much and this is coming from a guy who has called out Disney for all the crap they did with The Lion King! People should really calm down.

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      1. I hear you right there. Some people just make up reasons to be outraged. Whenever I do have an issue with a show or movie, I do my best to back it up with facts and logic.

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