Mothers Day (Australia)

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I swear every year I have the same conversation about which weekends are Mothers Days and which weekend is Fathers Day. However, this weekend is Mothers Day, at least in Australia.

You probably are curious as to what happened. I nearly ended up not going, once I had calm down about her not listening to me (the concert was not spam by the way). I was sick in the “tummy”, and we ended up having to pick someone up. Every message they sent to us though, they were getting further and further away from where we had to pick her up for. My mum didn’t mention to this women at all, that I was “sick in the tummy”…

Narrator: She wasn’t “sick in the tummy” But another body area.

She ended up coming to our house, so we could all together, but still, she didn’t say that until she actually got to our house. So before we left, I had just calmed myself down about my mother not listening, and then she would not tell this women, if she could just come to our house, because I did NOT trust my stomach.

So, not the greatest of starts. At this point too, I still didn’t know if it was a scam or not. Luckily it was not, and a huge part of my anxieties has to do with being stuck in a car, especially when I’m not well and can’t get easy access to a toilet. I was yelling at her “She’s your friend, you ask her to come to your house first!”.

However, the women came to our house, and the concert wasn’t a scam. It ended up being a completely lovely night. That and I got hit on by one of the stars of the show at the end.

Apart from that, I am glad that Mum got me the tickets. Because it ended up being a good night.

However Mothers’ and Daughters relationships are always precarious, aren’t they? lol

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