Why anti-trans people make me laugh

Like generally all bigots, anti-trans people are not that much different.

I was inspired to write this post after making fun of quiet a few TERFs, all on one day too,lol

The main one was a woman (I presume) saying the term “non-trans people” and how unfair it is they get bullied all the time. For those people playing at home and for TERFs, the correct definition is actually cis. So that was a red flag, but it also made me laugh because I knew instantly she’s anti-trans. I went and look at her profile and … yep, lol. I came back and explained to her that I am a cis woman, who stands with trans people and I don’t called a bigot, so maybe it is bigots being called what they are? Hahahaha

Then there was another guy (I presume) saying that while trans people should be included in sports, it’s not fair to the other athletes, so they should play against other trans people. Now, ALL trans people make up 6% of the worlds population, and I don’t think even 1% of the world’s athletes. Meaning you might have ONE trans person in your community/town etc, but they may not even play sports. So who are the trans athletes supposed to play against, when they’re it?

Then there was another who made me defend Caitlyn Jenner. They’re problem was, if Caitlyn doesn’t “know” if they’re a man or a woman, then how can she run for Governor? So I simply asked “When did you know you were Eric”.

I think I find them funny, because they try to make it a difficult and complicated thing, and it’s really not. You don’t even have to know or understand the Science behind a trans gender brain, to know, and be able to simply rebuttal a TERF or anti-trans person.

p.s. The reason I put (I presume) in brackets, is because a lot of these people have “male or female” names, but you don’t know for sure. They could be the complete opposite of who they are pretending to be. They never ever have a profile picture of themselves. There’s no real proof, if that makes sense?

I don’t find them funny though, when we’re talking about horrendous bill in the US, that allows the adults to check children’s genitals. Then they’ll go on about how trans women are over taking women’s sports, which isn’t true. Then they demand to be shown trans men involved with sports. Which there are, but then as all bigots do, they move the goal posts. As I repeatedly have had to point out, we’re not on posts about grown women or men in sports. We’re on posts about a Bill that now makes it literally legal to be a pedophile and molest children, and they want to talk about adults sports.

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