I actually REALLY dislikes birthdays

It actually has nothing to do with getting older either. They’re just never fun when you get older. Birthdays are for the young. Take a current predicament of mine. I don’t even want to go to my own “birthday party” this year. I am extremely well aware that it’s not for me. My mother has been allowed to invite more people than me. Which is clearly ridiculous. I had to ask permission, for only a couple of people and my mum got told to invite all of her friends. Like I’m nearly 40 and people are still playing these games?

So while I’ve said I’m going, I am not. I will “play” hookey on my “own” birthday party and only my partner knows about it. Well, now you all too.

Who in hell wants to go to a birthday party, when they know perfectly well that they’ve only been asked to be part of it, because everyone else was saying no, because I wasn’t invited in the first place.

I HATE birthdays! It’s not like Christmas when everyone wants to see each other, birthdays, people always make you feel like it’s an obligation rather than a “we want to be here”. And you never get what you actually want for your birthday, whereas everyone puts in the time and effort at Christmas. Even men! Haha.

Birthdays are for the young.

However, I am going to be stream game later. I’m going to try and do it from both Discord and Twitch, but I’ve never done it before. So this will be totally “guinea pig” territory! If you’re on Discord, you can probably just look for my name (Lady Lolsy Bloom). On Twitch tv I am LadyLolsy. However, I don’t know if I’ll be able to transfer to Twitch.

April 29, 8:30pm ACST!

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