Thursday Theories – Port Royal

If you don’t know what or where Port Royal is, it actually “shows” in this movie.

The reason I put “shows” in quotation marks? On 7 June 1692, just before noon (we know this because of a watch that was found) a earthquake and then a tsunami hit the port, sinking much of the city into the sea. When it happened the people at the time said that God was punishing what was then called “The Wickedest Place on Earth”.

What we know now.

With modern day technology they “flushed” out the ocean. Where they discovered *think* giant furrows, and there are long fracture lines directing from east to west. Which also means that there is a massive fault line, that run from North America and all the way to the Caribbean South Plates. So, when a earthquake hit Port Royal on the 7th of June in 1692. There were three pulses in Port Royal, and then all Hell broke loose.

First there was a earthquake,

Which then made the sand underneath turn into quicksand, (think the liquidation in Narkata Japan in 1960),

Then the earthquake made a tsunami.

So, not really “Gods” doing, but what a coincidence huh!. Even now, I can absolutely see why people would have seen this massive act of Mother Nature, would have seen it has a act of God’s Wrath!

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