I can smell the fire place.

So just writing a little diddy, because I feel good at the moment. I should be making dinner, but I can do that when I have completed this =D

I can smell people’s fireplaces again, and I know that’s always the way to tell that the colder weather is getting here. The smell of the fire place, I don’t have one, but you there always seems to be a least one person in the area that has one. Yes, even in Australia. I wouldn’t mind buy a fake one, and covering myself with a blanket.

I can tell it’s getting colder again, it’s pitch dark at 6pm and everyone has all their lights one. The blankets that were put in away in the Summer, are out on top of the lounge again.

You have a permanent smell in your nose of hot chocolate, and the hot food you make, doesn’t make you sweat anymore when you cook it and it’s still nice and warm when you go to eat it ❤

I can smell the fire place.

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