Through it all…

Remember to not lose your minds!

Just watching supposed grown adults doing odd things.

I was scrolling through my insta and saw a picture with a quote from Channing Tatum, owning up too that he’s really enjoying being a single dad. Oh my goodness! What I thought was a good thing, was actually mayhem. Many “grown” women having a go because he called himself a single dad. They were outraged, apparently single dad implies that the mother is dead? In what world. However, when people tried to explain what he probably meant. They were meet with “We don’t need the Wikipedia definitions”. Then when someone asked them what their issue is they said “How dare you be so rude to me!”

Lady, you’re a grown up having a go at a celebrity, you will never meet, and even if you did would you REALLY say “You were wrong for calling yourself a single Dad”, and then when someone points out how wrong you are. You were condescending, but they’re being rude and you don’t have issues?

Before you post something, just THINK with your brain, what are you doing before you post something. I regularly find myself on the end of blocks on social media platforms, when I point everything wrong with what they’re saying. You might be surprised at the amount of people who think Wikipedia is the scientific be all and end all of everything Science. While Wikipedia is a good starting place for research. It can be edited by ANYONE.

As an example, I was able to show some Gender “Critical” men, that through cis women’s own words, you don’t actually need a uteruses to have PMS. As many women who have had a hysterectomy still get PMS. But you know, Wikipedia says so, so those women are lying or something, lol.,common%20to%20perimenopause%20and%20menopause.

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