Never come after a reader of books.

One things that I know do on Twitter, before getting into a “debate” with someone. I will usually take a look at whose liked their tweet and also that persons profile, including who they follow and who follows them. You can see a lot of their “points of view” before you even start to talk to someone, including a troll.

As an example, someone tried to tell me what a misogynist I am because my Twitter accounts has a quote from C.S.Lewis about a cup of tea and a good book.

The quote? “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis.”

Apparently I’m a misogynist, because CS Lewis was a religious man, and according to them Religions number one “ally” is patriarchy. This person just dismissed that fact that not all religions are patriarchal to begin with, some are matriarchal and some are neither. Also my quote had nothing to do with Religion, lol. I think they would find that Religions number on ally is actually “Fear”.

If it WAS patriarchy, then why were men fighting each other? Seems kind of silly really. OR, was it because people are more concerned with which religion is the “right” religion. Christianity is probably a very HUGE patriarchal religion, but that wasn’t why people are fighting for the “right” Christianity. Especially back in the day, and even now.

It also truly depends on whose in charge, at the time. There are a few Priests out there who do accept the LGBTQIA community. There are pictures out there right now, of Muslim women, in Muslim countries, in the 60’s and 70’s wearing mini-skirts, as well as traditional clothing.

What really cracked me up about this guy though (it’s always a guy). When I went and had a look at who he follows, since he only had one follower, but of course, the TERF harem, kept liking everything he wrote. He follows Avi Yemini, probably one of the WORST human beings Australia has.

He was convicted of unlawful assault against his former wife

He was sued by his brother for defamation

He once called himself “the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi”

Yemini’s Facebook account was banned for hate speech...FACEBOOK!

Avi Yemini’s claim of wrongful arrest at two anti-lockdown protests.

Readers of books, have the time and the patience to take the time to read your profile. Too read your comments and posts. We also have the patience to go and look at the research for ourselves. I’ve done studies in how to do research.

I find the problem with social media platforms, they are not really great for having deep discussions. However, it’s not a excuse to just randomly say things with no back up either. Especially when those things you say affect other people, it affects communities. I think no matter what you think about him, Trump definitely showed how easy it is to affect people on social media.

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