Is the UK okay?

Soooooo…I have quiet a few family and friends over the in the UK. Apart from it being TERF Island. It’s … just … well, see for yourselves…

They know it’s not the ACTUAL Winston Churchill right? This is some dumb shit. They can’t possibly be real police?. Why waste tax payers money? What is happening over there?

It’s like politicians and journalists saw Trump, Fox News and the UK Government and the BBC went. “Is that challenge to be worse. After all it worked out REALLY well for Trump”

Narrator: It didn’t, and it hasn’t.

Also though, now the UK is actually on the list as a dangerous place for trans people to live, which isn’t shocking too me. What is shocking to me, even after all this time. Are the amount of “Women Rights” groups within the UK, who haven’t actually done anything for Women, but continue to say “Women’s Rights” while being anti-trans.

Click to access POL1032022021ENGLISH.PDF

3 thoughts on “Is the UK okay?

  1. There are so many awful things happening as a result of a shambolic Tory government and a media that seems unwilling or unable to properly hold them to account. From trans rights to women’s rights in general, to pretending racism isn’t institutionalised, to having the 5th highest number of deaths from Covid-19 (and the 12th worst death rate), we’re a wreck.


  2. UK ite here…. I have heard about the statue – seems weird to protect this when so many in the country need police help. I didn’t know about the transgender danger though.

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