Mental Health Check List

Do any of you have a mental health checklist? I mean when you’re both in the middle of a mental health crisis, and then afterwards? Maybe you found something different to help this time?

When I’m in the middle of a attack. There are couple of things I do.

In the middle of a attack

  • Sing a song in my head. I usually end up singing one sentence from a song.
  • I feel for any of my plushies. Usually they’re just on the floor within reach.
  • I might look for my bag, in the dark. Just to know it’s there.
  • I usually sit up and try to remember to breath.
  • If that all fails, I get my phone and I use my breathing app and I just stare at that app, haha

Learned behaviours to stay in control

  • I’ve been getting better with this, but I always go to the toilet before I leave anywhere. This has been getting better though, which is a relief.
  • Make sure things like my phone and ipod are charged.
  • I have all sorts of natural drugs in my bag, that help relax. I haven’t had used any in ages! Which is also a good thing, but is it because I know they’re there?
  • I actually do think about how I’m feeling before I go onto Twitter, FB, Insta.

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10 thoughts on “Mental Health Check List

  1. Yes, I do: actually, I have a 4 part checklist: mental, emotional, physical and existential (spiritual) health check list. I use language learning, journaling and meditating, exercise, and world-kindness tool building as the main tools, with goals split into milestones for each of those parts of my checklist.

    Stay safe,

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      1. Well, I personally split my list into 4 because I like to honor the Tsalagi(Cherokee) part of my heritage, where 4 is a sacred number, and because it makes sense to me, as an emotional but more “in my head” person, as many have told me. I tend to deal with things from an intellectual perspective in order to distance them emotionally, so for me it is important to remember not to neglect the emotional stuff, but how I feel in any given moment has nothing to do with my overall reason (for me, or imho) for existing, if that makes sense? So I like to have a list of things to do each week that give me a sense of purpose, so that when I die, I can look back and feel that I have something to show for my life, which I count as more spiritual, but the emotional is day to day, changeable, and still needs to be dealt with: hence my journal, and chocolate! 🙂 Then there is Tai Chi and walking for the physical, and also a bit for the emotional, when I need to start with a moving meditation before I can sit and just breath through something, if I need to deal with a difficult emotional issue. I find that to work for me, but not everyone is as grid/check-box oriented as I am, so it may not work for you. If you feel that separate checklists would help you, then by all means, go for it! 🙂

        Safe Air Hugs, if you’d like them,

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