Da Brain

I tell you have a couple of days without internet does the brain a world of good. It also reminds you how alone you can be with your brain! It reminds you that you need to give your brain a break from the screen. You get back to just you and your brain, which at night can be totally a problem, haha.

I have literally been writing this post, when my brain feels like it. I had such plans over the last few days and my brain has mushy. Funny thing, the one day I didn’t take my cholesterol tablet, I felt great, next day took them and felt terrible again. It could be just a coincidence.

I’ve decided to wait till next week to OPEN MY STORE!!! I am so excited! But my brain is like nup. I’ve decided to take away the tarot part though. Mainly because (and I don’t know if you remember) but I can’t find my original tarot pack. Although over the years, others have given me others. It’s not the same … It’s a Tarot thing, lol

I have also decided thought this month, I am going to do things, that I want to do. Even if it’s by myself. Like visit the Museum, maybe spend a nice day at the beach side town. You know just little things. I want to spend a couple of days just writing…things. Also I think that my posts are going to be really random this month. I want to blog, but at the moment…Like I’ve said a gazillions times before, my brain is gone, lol


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