Screw people

Over people!

I expect stupidity from TERFs and bigots, but how fed up do you get when it’s people who you are supposedly close to you?

That’s where I am right now. I only truly feel like me, that people listen to me, are you. While that makes me sad, at least I KNOW people who do listen too me. Who actually THINK about me and how they treat me. I am so fed up with everyone right now. I have been fighting for trans people for literal MONTHS now. Everyone single person ignored my trans visibility post. While my brother, everyone LOVED his comment. Even though, he’s pretty much only talked about himself.

At the beginning if the year, the family that’s been hassling me. Managed to get a invitation to a party, that they never should have been invited too…Their excuse? “Oh Lauren, I’m so sorry I had a brain fade”. I never responded to that text. I just sat there and seethed. I would have rather NO text.

I don’t feel like I even have a safe space anymore. This blog is about it. Pippy was my safe space, and that makes me feel so depressed, I have to go cry. I will keep my Facebook and my “family” Instagram space, but I refuse to go on them anymore.

Cher Lloyd

3 thoughts on “Screw people

  1. Dear Lolsy, My heart goes out to you for people treating you poorly. However, in regard to “trans” people, my own sense is that we need to “follow the science.” There is no evidence that a person’s “feelings” of being a different gender is any different from any other confusion in life. A boy is born with a penis, a girl with a vagina. There are other ways to deal with gender dysphoria than attempting to be something other than what one is, and there are ways to find peace in the confusing times of life. I sincerely hope the best for you. c.a.


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