Too far and few in between

Anyone else noticed how few good journalists there are in the world now? Most of the good ones are all retired, and it’s the same here in Australia. A lot of Australian journalists routinely crap on the the Australian Public, then when the public use the one platform they have to ask “Why did you do that” Nearly all the journalists gang up on the public … time and time again. Saying how disgusting it is that the public did that.

Not only, NOT actually solving the problem and letting that journalists get away with it. While patting themselves on the back that the public are nothing but the “twitter mob”.

Which you know, doesn’t really do anything for the public. Also, the other journalists ganging up on the public, NEVER mention what that journalists actually did or said. They just go on about how “disgusting” it is that the public are “ganging up” on one of their own. Like I said too one recently “If you think the whole asking you why you said or did that is piling on is “mean”. You’re in for a shock when Murdoch’s gone, and then you all come along doing this same thing still. I’ll pray for you”.

For all those really dumb journalists out there. If you think for even a second that once Murdoch is gone, that the public is just going to put with the media, who claim to be different from Murdoch, but doing the same things as Murdoch, is going to be “nice to you” if you DON’T wise up. You are in for a literal shock.


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