Stop! Before you post.

I’ve noticed that over my time, that a lot of people, mainly on the social media platform. When they respond with something that either makes no sense, or a gif that also makes no sense. Especially people who are bigots, and usual respond with a reaction or emotion, rather than thinking about what they’re posting.

A lot of the times when I’ve asked someone “Have you actually read the post” that you’re responding too. I usually get some kind of gif. Like a “face palm” or “lord help me with this one”. My reaction is always, well you could have just said “No”, that isn’t a actual response. If you actually have a problem with someone’s post, then you SHOULD be able to point out your problem with it. If you can’t, then what’s your problem?

I am completely guilty of doing this as well. The only difference between myself and them, when I’m reacting emotionally. It’s not because I am trying to harm a group of people. It’s usually because a group of people are using something horrific to harm other people.

There are all sorts of types of responding, but if you’re responding to harm someone or something. Not because that person or persons are bad people, but because of a irrational fear of them that YOU have. STOP before you post to them or about them.

I feel like social media platforms have given us such a ego, that certain people think it’s okay to harm others with no consequence. When you look at people like Trump, like Farage, like Morrison, like any journalist who doesn’t like being called out on social media. They just continue to say things, either without thinking about it first. Or, in the case of Farage saying something stupid, that he knows perfectly well, has nothing to do with BLM. Like, you’re not going to get the consequences.

They’re very rarely JUST talking about religion, they’re very rarely JUST talking about gay rights, they’re very rarely JUST talking about biology. There’s always some kind of bigotry behind what they’re JUST talking about.

I was inspired to write this post, after a “grown up” woman, decided to write about her miscarriage, but then used that as a excuse to keep trans people out of public toilets. At first we felt bad, but did tell her that she needs to stop using a horrific and private event to harm others. As she went on, she got worse saying really dumb things like how women should consider having miscarriages in public toilets, if it’ll help stop trans people using the toilet. Yet, we the “trans lobby” were the ones lacking in empathy, because we were pointing out everything wrong with what she was saying. I ended up posting this link.

I left at when she said “It’d be a shame if I got banned, I’m just talking about my miscarriage” and has I had to point out to her “You’re not JUST talking about miscarriages though, are you”.

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