Thursday Theories – Royalty

I was struggling to think of something to write this week, then I watched Harry and Meghan on Oprah. While I was shocked, I wasn’t shocked either … Does that make sense?

I was shocked to hear that the Royal Family, entertain the tabloids, but at the same time, not. I was surprised to hear that the Monarchy is worried the tabloids will turn on them. Little do the Monarchy and it’s Institution realise that the public are starting to turn, because of their “friends”.

The Monarchy and it’s Institution, have never truly been “For the People”. Not when you look at the facts of it all. This is not the first time where the Monarchy has protected actual villains, and tossed innocent people to the wolves. It’s also not the first time a member of the Royal Family, has been implicated in a crime, and the Institution/Monarchy have covered it up, by deflecting. Protecting the MALE royal in question. They’ve never really protected the female royals.

I was going to post about one of Queen Victoria’s sons being implicated in the “Jack the Ripper” cases, as that is a huge myth and theory. It seems though that’s all it is. A Myth, it seems the Prince wasn’t even in London at the time the murders of the women, took place.

You don’t have to look far to see how badly the Monarchy has treated it’s subjects over the many MANY years. While most of the problems have been shoved under the “Religion” carpet. It is because, especially in European countries, that Monarchies have fought over Religion, shall I say whatever the “right religion” is. For that Monarch, at the time, and not really much has changes. The Monarchy and Religion are still very much interlinked. They are still very much the same Institutions they were back many moons ago.

Crimereads – Royal Scandals throughout the Years

While looking over the Royal “scandals” over the years, I found this YouTube video. It is a present given to Marie Antoinette and still works after all this time. Fascinating, isn’t it.

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