Reading Comprehension

Is SEVERLY lacking these days.

After reading through the hysterics that was Dr Seuss’s birthday.

Green Eggs and Ham isn’t offensive, that’s why it’s still being published, by the way.

The 6 books, that aren’t being reproduced, are that, not being reproduced anymore. You are not required to bring the 6 books to a burning pile. No doubt, they’ll still in the Dr Seuss museum, but as a important lesson of times changing.

If you seriously need 6 racists books, to teach you, your children and your grand children about racism “back in the day”… I really don’t know how to end that sentence. Funny how a lot of people were more upset about the 6 books, that no one even actually reads anymore. Then they were about the Christian Conservative’s wanting to actually burn Harry Potter books. People ARE still going on about it saying that the Dr Seuss books are under “attack”, by the actual Dr Seuss Museum.

Before ANYONE goes on about young people needing “safe spaces”. Remember which generation is getting upset about 6 racists books, not being reproduced anymore. Because you NEED them to teach your children and grandchildren about racism. Remember which generation actually wanted to burn Harry Potter.

It’s a shame, because I know some really intelligent Boomers and the older generation, who are just not that dumb. We as white people, need to stop telling POC “Well you know, it is only a book and people should be allowed to read it”. Nope, we don’t, as white people, get to say that. We just do not.

Don’t read the comments, read the article and THEN judge the heading. Never judge a article by it’s heading or the comments.

Pale, Stale and Male: Piers Morgan “clones” on the way out

Read First.

“We saw with Piers Morgan, for example… what happened there was there was a mixed-race journalist [Alex Beresford] who had lived experience and empathy, who had a seat at the table, who was able to calmly, very civilly say, ‘You know what, I’ve had to listen to you, you’ve obviously got something in for her,'” she said.

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