Bye Bye Bye

2021 is turning out to be a odd year. At times it seems just as bad as 2020, but then it comes out with some really good stuff too.

Bye Bye Piers Morgan.

The “man” should have gone years ago.

Absolute Venom – Yahoo News “‘Absolute venom’: Piers Morgan’s obsession with Meghan laid bare

It’s so disturbing to me, in 2021, to see a grown “man” this obsessed with one person. I understand if someone was friendly towards you, and being miffed. Piers though took it to such a disturbing obsessive level though.

I wonder if in 2020 people just went “enough”.


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bye

  1. He has been a disgrace over so many years. A bully. One thing that will be missed is that he has been the only media person prepared to call out the government over its lies and corruption. It’s great that he’s gone, just need someone to take on the government now.

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    1. Completely agree. Challenging the useless Tories was a big tick for me, and the only one. If Piers spent half his energy on that subject, instead of on Meghan, he might have actually been a force for good. Instead, he’s exposed himself.


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