Why not instead ….

I apoligise for the bad English there, haha

I started to think about this when I wrote my previous post “Polio”.

If anti-vaxxers biggest problems are the side effects of a vaccine … Why don’t they lead, the focus into the side effects. If a big concern is their child getting autism (which is really unlikely). Why don’t they take the lead and try to get more funding, get more support for autism, or for any of the side effects of a vaccine. Instead of treating the side effects like a death sentence, actually DO something about if or when it happens.

If people who want to “protect” women’s sports, from trans people “taking over”. Why don’t they have a problem with HOW women’s sports is even run? Also, considering the fact, that there are none if any trans people at the top elite levels. I highly doubt that trans people are taking over women’s sports. So why not focus on how to improve women’s sports. As I have stated before, women’s sports is under funded AND women/girls are already put at a disadvantage before they even get to the elite levels. In Australia, as an example, there are few-to none at all Football leagues for girls over the age of 12. Why is that? Recently one of the Australia’s top women footballers, explained. There was just no Australian Football Leagues or games for teenage girls.

If the only place you get lessons about racism, is from the unpopular Dr Seuss books…Why not go out into the world. There are plenty of examples of it, current and in the past. Why not instead of relying on a child’s books, read a adult book instead. Take yourself to a Museum, a library, maybe even a Art Gallery. There are plenty of examples of racism, from the past about.


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