What a weird week …

My anxiety has had me on edge all week. The only thing that has been been keeping me on track is Planet Zoo, also if any of you are on Steam, we should totally “hang out”.

What I would like to know though is …

The Phantom of the Opera

If I was to talk to about why this song makes me cry every time, I would cry, just talking about it. It not only reminds me of those I love who have passed, who loved me, fully. Pippy included. But it also helps me not be afraid, because I remember I was loved, and they wouldn’t want me to live in fear, They would want me to be out there, showing my talents, my thoughts, wear my heart on my sleeve. Live for them. And now I’m crying again, lol

I also woke up to a lot of feathers, I’ve posted a video on my Insta about it, but the splat you hear on the video ended up being the dead bird. Which turned out to be a pigeon. I promptly threw up and then locked the cat inside. I suspect, it was either the Ravens on the Magpies, I just hope it was a quick death, or the bird was dying. Then later on, it got worst. It had a tag around it’s leg =/ Which means it was somebodies pet, possibly racing pet. Still a pet though.

A lot of death today/tomorrow. Pippy passed away sometime this week, a year ago. I have a horrible feeling that’s it was tomorrow. I suspect Facebook and Instagram will gladly let me know that.

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