Just when you think you’re ready to go! One step too go!

It’s up, I’ve got everything sorted. I do have another Tarot set. For anyone who does do Tarot though, you’ll know how anxious I feel using a pack of cards, that I’m not 100% sure with. What can you do! Until I find it, not much choice. Even though so, I have to still speak to my job provider about it as well. As I’ll be making money while on social security, welfare, whatever your country calls it. A job provider here is someone who helps you find a job, and you have to tell them if any changes are made. The earliest I can see her is this Friday.

So when that happens, then I am pretty sure I am ready to go.

Also though, I might have to already change the times that I can dedicate to it. As as I am on whatever your country calls it whatever. I HAVE to look for work, and I recently had a interview where the job is only two days (Mon and Wednesday). These were two days, of course, that I had dedicated. So now I have to wait and see if I get the job or not, and then change those days.

I want to start and I also don’t want to start, but I do and I don’t, haha.

5 thoughts on “Just when you think you’re ready to go! One step too go!

  1. Sadly, I consider tarot cards or other psychic attempts to discern wisdom foolish, at best. Wisdom that comes from The God Who Is There is readily available and He gives us the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truth. Attempting to bypass His wisdom sounds too much like the Tower of Babel that resulted in confusion.
    There is also some danger in such phenomena, as some of it is “real,” i.e., not just a huckster fortune teller, but real powers behind the information. There are spirits intent on deceiving those who do not wish to follow Jesus, and sometimes they will even tell the truth to keep us following, like “grooming” for nefarious purposes. I sincerely hope you find a better way to manage life. ❤️&🙏


      1. A LOT has been done in the name of “religion” that would embarrass its founders, especially Christianity and Buddhism. So we need to go back to the founders and see what they said.
        My Saturday blog is going to challenge readers to try “pretending” to be an aborigine with NO knowledge of Christmas, Easter or anything about Jesus, and read one of His bios from that view.
        We tend to approach literature, whether scripture or novels with some “baggage” of presuppositions. It may be interesting for some “religious” folks to discover what Jesus really was like! 😉

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