Anyone else?

Anyone else simply just over hysterics?

It’s tiring to come on every day and see “journalists” brag how they’re fighting against Murdoch, only to turn around and do the exact same things ie be condescending to the public and protect one of their own. But you know, they’re not doing it like Murdoch does it. They’re just doing the exact same thing, as Murdoch.

Watching the UK “Education” ministers, make terrible decision, after terrible decision because they don’t get to have “Free Speech” of their horrible views. I tell you what, Hitler would have LOVED them! How are UK “ministers”, especially “Education” ones. NOT getting that that is how Hitler started! No one stopped him, when they should. I watched a Documentary a few months ago. Even LENIN regretted taking Hitler on! It is really odd to see people in the UK, be all for the same things that Hitler was for and did.

I can’t explain how odd I think it is.

Our Australian Prime Minister changed a word in our National Anthem, which was created in 1878. No, asking the public if that’s alright. No vote, not consensus, not asking. Just did it. However, we can’t change the date for Australia Day, which has only been a public national holiday for just a little over a decade now. Even the majority of people want it to be changed, and it will probably happen. No one has ever asked for a word to be changed in the Anthem. At the same time in South Australian, we now “celebrate” Proclamation Day on the 26th of December, as the rest of the Nation celebrate Boxing Day. Even though Proclamation Day is on the 28th of December. So they changed the day for the public holiday there. Which is odd, because South Australia is the only State set up by Free Settlers. So no one had a problem with that public holiday changing AND South Australia lost a public holiday because of that.

It was a nice country while it lasted. So Australia’s Prime Minster, has been handling a rape case in his own party, extremely badly. So of course, the QLD One Nation got this through. The Senate just voted to abolish the Family Court. What’s terrifying, we voted for One Nation, we voted for Morrisons Party, we re-voted Dutton in. WE DID THIS. We allowed Right Wing Conservatives to control our once beautiful Nation.

“You disguist me” Jacqui Lambie lashes Government over controversial plan.


How did we get rid of Trump, but this absolute stupidity is STILL going on!

I can’t even express what my mind is like right now. It’s just all stopped, with how crazy everything is, everywhere! It’s not a one country problem. It’s everywhere. We have a global pandemic and you wouldn’t even know it, with the stupidity right now.

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