1533 – 2003

In 1533 King Henry VIII passes the Buggery Act 1533 making all male–male sexual activity punishable by death … That bugger.

1967 … Ten years after the Wolfenden Report, MP Leo Abse introduced the Sexual Offences Bill 1967 supported by Labour MP Roy Jenkins, then the Labour Home Secretary. When passed, The Act decriminalised homosexual acts between two men over 21 years of age in private in England and Wales. Although it was progress …

Together with the criminalisation of anal sex, it was finally repealed by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. As a result, for the first time in 470 years, England and Wales had a criminal code that did not penalise gay sexuality. In Northern Ireland, the ban on anal sex was not finally repealed until 2008. Scotland’s anti-gay laws were repealed in 2009 but, in the case of sodomy, did not take effect until 2013. It seems scarcely credible, but gay sex ceased to be a crime in the UK only four years ago.

“Don’t fall for the myth that it’s 50 years since we decriminalised homosexualityP.Tatchell, The Guardian: Published – Tues 23, May, 2017

For over four hundred years, 400 yrs, being homosexual was a crime. But people still were homosexual.

Oscar Wilde died in 1900, November the 30th. After never fully recovering from hard labor. His crime? Having sexual relationships with men. Although, he did have a few with women, including having children with them. Still, he had them with men too.

My point is, being homosexuality, being gay, being bi, being trans isn’t and never has been a “ideology”. There is evidence for all group of the LGBTQIA group, or at the least very strong assumptions. I don’t think anyone would have noticed if someone was asexual, they would have just been called a Bachelor or a … crone -.-

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