I am disturbed.

With how women are being perceived as delicate little flowers, who do not need to be held accountable for our actions and very bad choices. Then, ironically, being called the misogynistic ones, for pointing that out.

I like women, I am one, was raised by awesome ones.

However, women can be completely shitty human beings. And NEED to be just as accountable as men. That is the ONLY way things are done fairly and equally.

I can’t believe in the 21st Century, I am having to fight people to make them stop treating women like we’re damsels in distress. Oh, except if you DON’T agree with them. Then you’re just handmaiden misogynists’. Because nothing says “hand maiden” than fighting against the norm, and the actual patriarchy. Nothing says “hand maiden” like being able to fight, in the right, and for others. And pretending that women are nothing but damsels in distress. Who need saving.

It’s pathetic and it’s really demeaning to women, and their victims.

This was particularly disturbing to hear from a “woman”.

The lack of soul here, is disturbing to say the less. Sorry, that are minority group of about 1.4% of the UK populations, aren’t being murdered in higher numbers for you?


What disturbs me, apart from the obvious. Well trans women aren’t being murdered at a high enough rate for some. Is the insistence that these same people have. How it NEVER occurs to them to stop violence TOGETHER and WITH trans people. You have a clear example of how trans people are being murdered, but because it’s not a high enough number for them. They wont work with them to help the problem?

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