Nearly ready to go!

I do believe that I am nearly ready to go with my website!

Lolsys Library

The biggest issues that I’ve been having is that I can’t find my original tarot cards. I do have other packs that I have been given over the years, but anyone who does Tarot knows. We all have a pack that we connect with, and that works better for us. Other packs, while fine, if you don’t connect is can make the reading harder to see.

Now it’s over a hundred dollars! When I bought them, a few years ago *shifty eyes* it was only about $60.

I’ve applied for a Australia Business Number, tried to see if I can put money voluntarily into taxes and my Superannuation. Not that I’m expecting to be inundated, but every little bit helps!

I am really, really, really … really scared! It’ll all be on me!

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