Worship, and never do it!

This is Keira Bell, leader and “Shero” of the TERF and GC “movement”.

The “woman” in the video is Posie Parker, harasser of black women who are BLM, supporter of white supremacists and now. Even though she wants men out of women’s bathrooms, is perfectly fine with men being in women’s bathrooms, as long as they have guns to shoot at trans women with.

Keira Bell, recently “won” a case to stop trans children from getting help to transition. Including medication, and they have to go through the courts FIRST before being able to speak with Doctors or a Therapist. Keira Bell transitioned and regretted it in her early 20’s, which really should have been a red flag. Someone in their early 20’s punishing children, because they regret it? Where does it end. Ironically as well, Keira started at 16, which is the age that teenagers can actually start to go on. So, if she was to do it now, at the same age, she’d still get the same help.

When she won, she did not see a SINGLE trans advocacy person or group. She decided to go and see the people and groups, that are people and groups that are not only transphobic, but anti-gay as well. Should have been the second red flag.

Now this. I’m not exactly sure what she thinks that “Posie Rosie” has done that’s compassionate, or kind. Since I’ve heard about her, all I’ve heard is how she harasses people. And now Rosie Posie, is okay with men in the bathrooms, as long as they have guns and shot trans women, but you know, as a “joke”. Third red flag.

In this same thread, she wrote about how she still uses the men’s restroom, despite saying that women and girls need to be protected. She also writes in this thread about how she doesn’t give into stereotypes. Yet, according to her, as well, if you look manly (but female) you should still use the men’s restroom. Despite there being more than one incident of women, usually butch looking, being kicked out of the women’s bathrooms. Which I believe, if you go by how someone looks, that’s a stereotype? Also how is it protecting women and girls, if they’re too “manly” looking, that means they should go into the men’s restroom. Who according to them are all violent and raping misogynists’? Fourth red flag.

On one hand, I feel sorry for Keira, but on the other hand I don’t. There are lots of people who have issues and mental health issues, that don’t advocate for violence. She clearly has issues.

If you’re not fighting for trans people, and are okay with guns in women’s bathrooms, by the same people that their group keeps saying are the violent ones, and you’re not fighting to keep guns out of WOMEN’s bathroom. There’s only one group of people you’re fighting for, and that’s men, Keira and Posie Rosie Tosser Clown.

If you MUST worship something or someone, make sure they’re kind. That’s all I’ll say.

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