Social Media and it’s weirdness.

I’ve said it once and I’ve said it a million times. We know have these tools to communicate (and for free) and yet, we communicate less than we ever have before.

So why do people never use it? I was discussing with a friend the other day, how said it is, that the only people who seem to communicate with you. Are the bullies, are the bigots.

Friends and Family, always seem like the last people who want to communicate with you. I recently realised that I had been unfriended by a “friend” on Facebook, but she hadn’t on either of my Insta accounts. In fact, she was still made comments on some of my posts, on Insta. Yet, I couldn’t begin to tell what I had done. It’s the most bizaree thing I’ve experienced, because I’ve just been chatting to her, like nothing was wrong.

I actually thought that we got on really well. So I was a bit perplexed, still am to be honest.

This is what happens though, when you don’t communicate.

What people who do not talk to me, and communicate is. I literally do not care anymore, if you chose to unfriend me. I learnt three years ago, to no longer waste my time anymore on people who just make life more difficult, even if it is passive aggressively. What I always learnt three years ago, was that I am not a bad person. No matter how much my ex best friend may have called me that. So if you have a problem with me, it’s more than likely something I have done unintentionally. So if you have a problem with me, that you just have to unfriend me, or when I try to reach out and you still say nothing. It’s gonna stay your problem.

One thought on “Social Media and it’s weirdness.

  1. I get this. I have VERY good friends, even some family members who will not follow my blog. 😲 Several did when I first started but with emails I send out about once every month or two, some of them sent back “Remove” (I put a caveat on every bulk email: please send “remove” in the subject line if you do not wish to be on this list”).
    I wondered how hard is it to pass over an email you do not want to read? Or if it is really annoying, just mark it as spam and I would never be the wiser. 😏
    But social media has made us all more isolated, more alone, and more paranoid that somehow “my life” just doesn’t match up to the perfect lives I see there. ‘Course, I’m an old cuss, so I finally really did arrive at perfection! 😂


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