OUR Rights

My Mum and I were talking about this, RIGHTS RIGHTS RIGHTS … Everyone is about their rights, what about OTHER people’s rights?

I was talking to a TERF, about how violent this trans person was being by saying, they would full a whole pool of poop if a TERF was swimming. I pointed out to them, what did they think was going to happen? They’re trying to take away trans people’s very existence of living, did they want a thank you and a great big hug. Also, I would join that trans people.

I think they do…

You know what I think is violent? Trying to take away people’s existence, their rights that they fought for, all based on a unfounded fear. After all “It didn’t start with Gas Chambers”.

It’s like the same with Trump Supporters who were let into Capitol Hill, how they were all “It’s MY house”. Only to discover what they did is a Federal Crime, and now they’re on “No Flying Lists”. (That will never stop being satisfying).

What About Other People and What About Their Rights?

What about OTHER’s Right to keep the Rights they fought for? Trans people, had to fight for the rights they have now. What, they should say a big thank you for others trying to take that away? That’s insane!

What about OTHER’S Right to feel safe?

What about OTHER’s Right to be able to visit Capitol Hill, without worrying that a whole bunch of gun toting and completely deluded scary people, are just going to be let in…BY THE POLICE!

Homeland Security in the USA, have had to put a warning, for the first time, about Domestic Terrorists, and what to look for.

We don’t live on this planet, alone.


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