TERFs and GCs = SO close to getting it!

You know what’s the funniest about TERFs and GCs? They’re either so close to “getting it” or they are getting it so completely wrong, and all at the same time. Its really weird to see.

Duncan there, is a big old transphobe and I hate how stupid he is. Everything he says is exactly what trans people want too. It’s people like Duncan though, who are the ones making it the issue. It’s not trans people, it’s people like Duncan, who are making it an issue.

One, trans people have a legal and moral right to “things” (I don’t know what Duncan is even talking about there)

Two, those medical invasive procedures aren’t done in a day. Like ANY huge surgery, there is a lot of talking and lot of information beforehand. The way Duncan talks about it, you’d think they’re going in with no chatting.

This is why it’s such a weird phenomenon. Duncan (and people like him) are the ones saying and demanding other’s be who they say they are. THEY’RE the ones with the issue, one that doesn’t even actually involve them. Duncan, as an example, will NEVER get trans surgery. So why is he trying to deny it for others? At the same time though, people like Duncan here, are the ones who are actually doing what they’re saying other’s are doing. It’s like, how can you not get how in the wrong you are, when you’re doing what you’re saying others are doing?

Also though, I don’t think gay people got their Rights, to begin with, without a fight. Duncan, needs to do some research on his own community sometime.

Update…Duncan blocked me, without responding, lol

Like I always keep saying. You can be straight, gay, trans, black, white, yellow, religious, atheist, man or women. Not a single one of those “labels” means you’re a good person, or that you can’t hate and harm your own “label” or community.

As another example, of TERFs not getting it, but at the same time “getting it”… but not… I saw one of them called themselves “Progressive”, so I asked why do you think you’re the progressive one when you’re say than trans people who call themselves lesbians or homosexual, are the homophobic ones. While also pointing out to her that there are Lesbians (I know two at least) who date trans men and trans women. Her response was hilarious!

She said to me that she was progressive, because she was saving women from Gender danger, and also called those lesbians “bi”. So basically, she’s progressive because she gets to deem what people fit what labels. And this is what I don’t get, so is she saying that women can’t think for themselves (which is not insulting at all *sarcasm*) and that she’s being progressive by putting people into labels and boxes that SHE deems fit? Seems a little Patriarchal and condescending too me, lol

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