Someone made a very good point on Facebook. Those who already get it though, will still get it. After the conuffle that was Trump Supporters storming the US Capital. A lot of people were relieved that finally Facebook, Twitter, etc blocked and deleted certain Trump Supporters. I saw this on Facebook.

What’s the point of blocking or deleting Trumps accounts NOW?! The damage is done, the words are out there! And they have been for 4+ years!

I’m glad that Georgia helped America win…But WHY was it SO close? It should have been a landslide! Just like Biden win. Very glad he won, but the win should have been bigger!

Who didn’t see this all coming?

I feel so drained now. I was actually suspended from Twitter, for repeating what a TERF said. TERF’s are getting worse on Twitter and we could all see it coming! They’re actually bragging on Twitter, how they know they’re abusing the Twitter abuse reporting function. I do blame Twitter, I do blame Facebook. I get it’s scary, but there are so many people who should have be banned from Twitter a LONG time ago! Why do they keep waiting till the last possible second, when there’s no reason too?

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  1. There’s so many weird and messed up things about social media. I’ve seen your tangles with TERFS, and I’ve had my share of encounters with racist, misogynistic trolls, and their accounts not only remain but seem to multiple. Twitter in particular seems to ignore such behaviour. I guess it brings clicks and therefore money (hence why Trump’s account remained active for so long). Sadly money means more than decency.

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    1. I’ve been recently suspended, and I’m not really going to fight to get it back. I’ll try, but I’m done with Twitter really. I’ve been threatened with rape, death, told to kill myself. And they’re all still there.

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