Rules/Representation/Research 2021

A lot of anti-science, trump supporters, show these lions, those lions are in a Zoo. They got that picture, because they were feeding them. There a lot of good Zoos out there. This picture though, is not the greatest representation of lion like behaviour. When you consider they’re not hunting for food, but like the sheep above, being herded towards their food.

Rule 1: Research all meme’s and gifs, before use

I also wish people would stop be know-it-alls next year. Why is it there’s always got to be that ONE person that to just disagree with EVERYTHING, when you all want the same thing? As two VERY good examples, one being people complaining that Churches were being cancelled, because you couldn’t go to buildings. Or when people KEPT saying that Christmas is cancelled, because, for some, it’s about seeing family. No, neither of them were or are. If you haven’t seen family in some way or anything, meaning actually physically or through technology, even conversations over the phone. Do you care about your family?

Rule 2: Think before you post on someone’s post. Rule if you think it’s apprioprate.

Even though I feel like I’ve come out of my shell a lot this year. I realised, especially at the beginning of the year, with my last therapist appointment. I have never really had someone. If that makes sense to you? So whenever I get depressed, down about something. I still go inwards. I can’t tell people what’s wrong. I still keep it inside.

Rule 3: Represent Yourself! It’s okay to tell people things. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” We’re all going to die anyway! Haha

What’s Your Word for 2021? – Inner Journey Events

Rule 4: Pick a word and STICK to it!

I’ve noticed that throughout the year, whenever I wrote lists, more things would get done. I don’t know what it is, but this going to be the year that I write lists! Lists of family members, lists of phone numbers and addresses…Lists about lists! You have to actually write a list, not electronically, but writing with your own hand. Not only does it make you do some actual had writing, which helps you make sure you still know how to write. I also believe those, writing something down with your own hands, grounds it. You’re much more likely to remember it, instead of relying on a computer to do it for you!

Rule 5: Represent all parts of your lives, by writing the important lists. Those cousins and their kids you don’t see that often, write their names down! Make it your new little “black book!”

The most important rule in 2021 should be though.

Rule Yourself…You are the only person who can!

Represent yourself and remember to show up with yourself!

Research yourself! We’re always changing, always learning new things. No harm into maybe researching yourself a little more too! We do tend to forget ourselves a lot!

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