This is why we fight…This is why I’ll keep fighting!

#JusticePourFouad (I wish I knew French). A 13 yr old committed suicide in France. After a FEMALE head teacher humiliated the student, told her only girls wore skirts and then mis-gendered her AFTER the suicide in a school communication. May that “Head” never know a days rest again. This is why we fight. If that was my child, that “woman” would never have a days rest ever again. This is WHY I fight…It is why I will still keep fighting next year too.

It shouldn’t be UP to teenagers to have to fight adult’s hate!

French Teens protest after transgender classmates suicide

4 thoughts on “This is why we fight…This is why I’ll keep fighting!

      1. I really do think that it’s important to remember that behind every person’s journey through life that regardless of gender, sexuality creed or colour and regardless of how a person lives their life they are still a living human being that deserves to be treated with dignity and respect 💓.
        We are all different from each other and it’s that which makes us unique, I think that as members of the human race we should recognise differences, be more tolerant and understanding.
        We may not like the way a person chooses to live their life but that has to be their choice.❤


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