I totally like love you…

I couldn’t help to think to myself one day, it sounds more and more like I don’t like women. I totally do. It just seems lately there are a lot of women out there, giving the rest of us bad name.

I would appreciate that if they’d stop doing that. TERFs are like Hipsters Witches. Witches were burnt at the stake because they weren’t “normal”. So seeing TERFs go on about trans people, and then claim to be the ones that are saying “Burn Them…Destroy Them” Why do they think they would have been the Witches?

Burn The Witch Halloween GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Women are strong, and they don’t even feel the need to hate, because the woman I know…are not completely and utterly insane.

I’ve always found it funny that a lot of women who attack me, attack me with death and rape threats. Just assuming that because I’m a trans ally, that I can’t have possibly been attacked and assaulted. I could be wrong, I think it’s like 1 in the 3 woman, have been. So when they wish myself and the women in my family with rape, sexual assault or any assault …Who says we haven’t already been through that all?

Strong women are not victims. You are still playing victim though, when you decide that you will hate on a group of people, because of your experiences, or not even your own experiences. It’s not good enough. There’s no excuse for it. I remember when Rowling said she had been slapped by her ex, I kept waiting for the “and a trans woman”, because then I could understand. When it never happened though, it was like. So why does you getting hit by a cis man, mean it’s trans people’s fault? It’s not.

I love women, I love being a woman. I’m sexually attracted to men though, haha.

No matter what has happened to me or, the woman I know. We have never once blamed complete strangers for it. Can you imagine it? If every time something to happen to us, we took away the rights of complete strangers? No one would ever do anything, ever again.

That’s why I totally love you, because I don’t think that I know a single person who does that. Every one I know, puts the blame where the blame belongs.

Women can be wonderful, like the women I follow on here…But women can also just be REALLY dumb as well, and we should never pretend that we’re not. We can be just as vile, abusive, predatory and as dumb as men…

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