Miss Grumpy Pants over here

…I feel like I have to sorry to a few of you, I have been really grumpy this week. So I’ve not been a very interactive blogger this week. This whole year, I’m fed up with it. We got rid of Trump, transphobia hit in the UK. How many more times can Trump lose, and yet, in the UK, the bigotry’s has gone to stupid extremes. Australia is no saint either.

Our PM flew to a Murdoch friendly party, came back and although barely working all year (don’t believe the pictures), decided to harm Australians, only a couple of weeks from Christmas. He decided “Oh no, I’ve had all year to do this, but I’m going to do it now”.

Also our PM (Prime Minister) has been bragging and talking up how Australia has done well with the virus. Problem is? He WAS part of the damn problem! He was one of the people saying, forget the lockdowns, forget the masks. Open the states.

However, I am trying to take in the good news too. I think what is REALLY pissing me off, are the amounts of adults, gloating over taking away something from children/kids and teenagers, after such a crappy year and just before Christmas. Poof, that security just taken away them, without a single thought for them.

So good news wise:

In record time Good Law Legal Defence Fund for Transgender Lives met their original target of $100,000 in about a week. So they’re extending to cover both the money for the appeal, and to make a committee. Full of people who are trans, but also cis people who work with and for the trans community. (Well you can read the third update).

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