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Bringing the tone down a bit, but please consider donating. They only set up two days ago and are always well over a quarter of the way through!

In light of the decision in the Keira Bell case, which we believe to be wrongly decided, we are presently crowdfunding for the costs of two legal interventions. – Good Law Projects

Keira Bell is a de-trans person, who regretted her decision in her 20’s. Started on puberty blockers when she was 16, had some surgery and then regretted her decision. I’ve said before, I think she’s just unhappy.

The day after her case, she went and talked with all anti-trans people and organisations. Also the day after the case, the NHS and Tavistock rang up people who have been waiting literal years for blockers and/or surgery and cancelled! It’s becoming very Russian for trans people in the UK.

Pretty much if you’re 16 or under, even with Doctor, Therapist and parent consent, you still have to go to court to get anything done. Even so a 17 year old friend of mine in the UK got a call today to say that she wasn’t going to get her blockers anymore.

They want to literally drive the trans community in the UK to extinction, hence why I said “Russia”. The GOOD news is, is that there are lot of organisations like the Good Law Project, like Stonewall, like Amnesty who are going to fight back. Which of course the TERFs and GCs don’t understand.

Crowd Justice – Legal Defence Fund for Transgender Lives – Good Law Project

7 thoughts on “Please Help!

  1. This issue to me was nothing to do with sexuality but more to do with the broader issue of the age at which we can give informed consent.
    I think that this debate should happen, as there are lots of different ages at which things kick in (legal responsibility, smoking, driving, voting etc.) and 18 does seem to be a pretty arbitrary number.


    1. Wow, this is SO wrong. Unlike voting, unlike drinking. These children/teenagers and adults have been seeing Doctors, Nurses and therapists for years. Are you all saying that they don’t know what they’re doing?


    2. This so unbelievably transphobic of you. Not one ounce of science, or thought has been put into this. It’s not like a parent see’s their daughter playing with trucks and goes “Oh, my daughter must be trans”. How stupid. How utterly utterly moronic.


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