I never liked her…

Now, this is going to be a “I REALLY don’t like Rowling” post. I didn’t really like her before this whole transphobia thing came up, but now I just KNOW, she does not care. She’s very much one of those people who needs reassurance all the time.

Reasons I don’t like her:

  • Harry Potter is actually based on another book, she took from.
  • I now think when the rumors’ that Goblins in the Bank were thought to represent Jewish people, I think it’s not just a rumour.
  • She is CONSTANTLY jumping on fans popular theories with “Yes, that exactly what happened”. Except it can’t be found in the books. That’s just weird to me.
  • Her whole “Don’t blame me” for the Johnny Depp casting.

But NOW, I KNOW she doesn’t care. I don’t think the women has one OUNCE of self esteem within her. I think she’s probably even a little bit of a sociopath.

When everything started to get out of control. I thought that Rowling would say at SOME point “Not in my name”. But when she posted on her Twitter account the VERY anti-trans merchandise, that’s when I KNEW. She wasn’t going to do a damn thing. As long as she get’s “I love you, you’re perfect and brilliant” in a hour more than people get a life time. She ain’t doing a damn thing.

Clearly I don’t know the woman, and am not a therapist. Reading about sociopaths and knowing what she has done. It pretty well fits.

“False Names” Rowling’s other pen name is Robert Galbraith. Now she claims different reasons for the name, but this is WHO Robert Galbraith Heath is. He started conversion therapy. So while Rowling claims things like Robert Kennedy was a hero of hers and all sorts of shit. Her pen name just HAPPENS to be the exact name as the man who “created” conversion “therapy”. Without Heath at the end. Like she does think people are stupid?


5 thoughts on “I never liked her…

  1. I’m quite torn over all of this. I don’t want to line Rowling’s coffers, but my daughter draws a lot of comfort and enjoyment from the Harry Potter books and films. I don’t want to deny her access to something that brings her joy, even as I don’t want to contribute to Rowling’s success.

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    1. I’ve been having trouble with this too! I never read the books. Some, like TERFs, have been rubbing it in other faces, that the HP books are doing well. I’m like “Of course they are!” It’s Christmas, it’s a good book for a young person. People don’t hate the books, they’re heart broken because of the authors words.”
      A lot of trans people I know, LOVE/D HP, because of the story. A kid, literally in a closet, hidden away, until they realise the magic inside them. What kid isn’t going to love that!

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  2. That’s the thing isn’t it? How do we separate the art from the artist? Is it even possible? If it came to light that the original animators of The Lion King were all horrid people, I don’t think I could reject the film.

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