Elementary, dear Watson

December the 1st is a huge day for many different reasons. One of them, being as the title suggests. That today is presumed date of publication of the first case of Sherlock Holmes. It is debated, but … you know … This year, I don’t have the brain power to get into that, lol

It is also World AIDS Day. So, shout out to the people in the world suffering from AIDS and H.I.V. I follow some really awesome people who are thriving well. We are very lucky in this day and age to have medication that can help mean that having AIDS/H.I.V doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence.

World AIDS Day – Australia

It is also the first Calendar day for Summer, in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though the start of our fire seasons, get earlier each year. You know though, who believes that climate change!

Most importantly though, I can officially be all…

And NOBODY can stop me!lol

5 thoughts on “Elementary, dear Watson

  1. And in listening to the Sherlock Holmes stories (thanks to Librivox.org for putting the public domain work out in the public!), I was really surprised to see how much of an activist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was (thinking particularly of the story Yellow Face).

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