Say a big fat YES to love and always NO to Hate!

Call me crazy if you will, but I don’t think people like Maya, Debbie, both Joanna’s, Rosie and Posie, Sarah, Fair Cop, Linehann, LGB…Care about women at all. I think they just hate trans people more

One of Fair Cops co-founder Sarah, has decided to sue police after it was discovered they were recording her, based on the fact that Fair Cop ARE a hate group. She was pissed that that they did that without her permission. Why would someone from a hate group be asked for permission. She’s decided to sue the police.

Making me say, well one, don’t be hateful. It’s not that hard, and IF she wins. Can you imagine the ramifications from that? MRA’s, Tommy Robinsons, ISIS! Demanding that they get the same treatment! Can you even begin to imagine the ramifications from that!

Fair Cops LITERAL new “motto” is Say Yes to Hate…But you know, not a Hate group. “We are so going to prove how not hateful we are, but saying we like hate”.

The reason for police not asking for permission, is because what kind of moron would say yes to that! “Oh hey, we’ve got evidence that your group could be a potential hate group, can we listen in to your conversations”. Yeah, people would totally go for that, right.


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