Trans Remembrance Day Pt2

November the 20th is Trans Remembrance Day.

I thought that I would write a little bit about what I’ve discovered this year, being a cis woman trying to stand up for the whole of the trans community. How you can help too, without even having to get into fights with people.

I’m going to start with not only trans related stuff, but something I think we can all agree is AWESOME! Books about trans community, written by trans authors. Not like cis people writing about then trans community.

cis is NOT a slur. For the layman, it’s about you simply identify with the body and all the bits and dangles that you were born with. That’s it. Whereas trans is the literally the opposite of cis. You do not identify with all the bits and dangles you were born with.

The amount of times I have been told #cisisnotathing…It literally is, language and science wise. I have been blocked by many a transphobe for being able to prove that cis is, indeed, a “thing”. Both pronouns cis and trans, relate too ALL women AND men. So they are not gender specific. Not only are cis and trans “things”, but even IF you were to take the pronouns away, it doesn’t stop someone from being cis or trans. It would still make you women and men, just without pronouns.

Words/Pronouns don’t take away who YOU are.

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I absolutely stole this from Kira Moore’s Closet, but please read this “I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out. | by Jennifer Coates | Medium”

What I love most about it, is the positivity in the comments.

This one is not so positive…

Who says that trans people don’t experience domestic violence *shakes head*. You know this is part of the reason I HATE that FARTS and GCs who down play the violence that the trans community experience.

Its’ not hard to be kind, it’s actually really easy.

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