Nurture Thursday – Roast Some Marshmallows

Nur Thurs – Roast some marshmallows

So while I wait for my state to come out of this 6 day lock down, and out of my Twitter lock down. Literally was given another violation for defending myself against a TERF who, after 5 minutes, Twitter in all their wisdom. Decided that said TERF did not commit any violation who told me to “cancel myself” ie kill myself. I was given a violation, for swearing at her maybe?

You can only begin to IMAGINE how roasted my marshmallows are! The biggest joke was that only about an hour beforehand Twitter decided to go on about how they were for trans rights. Well, that pissed off the trans community, let me tell you!

You can’t have one of the biggest authors in the world, literally selling transphobic merchandise on their Twitter account. Cis women like myself, being harassed by both women AND men for simply standing up for trans people, told to kill ourselves, and NOTHING is done. Except we’re the ones given violations. -.-

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