Living Longer

So this is not a post about HOW to live longer. I think that’s pretty well covered, but I was talking to my mum about my Gran’s current situation. At the beginning of the year, it was discovered that she had, in fact, a mini stroke. Now we’ve known something has been off with her for a little while. It’s always good though to have a reason.

What my mum and I were talking about though is how her grandparents went, and is it really so great being able to live longer these days? Yes, lives may have been shorter, but usually only by a few years, and when they went, they want. Both her grandparents just dropped one day.

Whereas now, they probably could have lived, but at what quality of life? Both my great grandparents, like their daughter (my Gran) had really extraordinary minds. Its not like now with my Gran, we watch as her and her amazing mind slowly drift away =/

Sorry for the morbidity.

It has made me think though, what’s the point of a long life, if there’s no quality too it. We shouldn’t be looking at JUST how to live longer, but also how to have a longer QUALITY of life.


10 thoughts on “Living Longer

    1. Well, I also wonder if it is part mindset. My great grandmother has an example, lost her leg due to polio. My mum has always said, you wouldn’t know because she just got on with it. So if she was having any chest problems, she might have just gotten on with it. My great grandfather dropped and he stayed alive for another three days. Again though, he was slowing down and they had seen him struggle to walk, but he just got on with it too.
      Whereas now we are more aware of that kind of stuff.

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  1. Sending you hugs. My mum had a massive stroke and we were warned to expect the worst. A month later she was back home, living almost independently. She got another 4 decent years with her grandson. We got another 4 years with mum. Those years were not perfect but they worked for us.

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