Nurture Thursday – Always on Time

Nurt Thurs – Always on time

I will get to a good saying about Always on Time. But how disrespected do you feel about people who are always late for you! I think it’s the height of rudeness. I used to have a friend, never late for work, but always late for gatherings with family and friends. We lost so many tables, because of her. The funeral I went to last week, my partner got mad at one of his cousins. We didn’t see the guy when the funeral started, we didn’t see his cousin until after the funeral. Then the cousin went onto Facebook and said how much of a sham it was, because they didn’t give priority sitting to family…Well, maybe you had gotten there on time.

I’ll tell you what is never on time, my sciatica, always shows up when I don’t want it too. Like right now. Although, I never want sciatica on time either, lol


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