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I wrote a post a couple of days ago, talking about America trying to heal. It was very pretty simple. Now take the time to heal America. But, we need to heal ourselves, first. So many people are now finding themselves coming down with more illnesses. For myself, I have no doubt that this is because suddenly our bodies are relieved. Everything we were holding back, is being unleashed.

It’s even more important NOW to take care of ourselves. No matter what, Trump is gone. Not for another two months, but he WILL be gone.

I have decided to come off of Twitter for a few days, not because of my suspension yesterday. But because I saw something that really made me angry. I am studying to be come a Health Administrator. Reading an article today where a mother stopped her 17 year old from getting surgery. Made me SO angry. Not only did this mother called what their teenager doing a “fad”, but as you find out more and more. It got worse.

The teenager doesn’t even live with the mother, and now because the mother stopped the surgery. She ALSO wants all the communication details. Remember this “mother” called it a fad, but no idea what conversations were even taking place.

What this Judge has done, especially, is too not only undermine minors and their protections. Not only giving power to a parent, that clearly does not get along with the teenager. But undermines the Privacy Laws for minors. There is a very GOOD reason why parents/guardians, cannot always just ask to get into their children’s medical records. Or make permissions for them.

I think it is quiet well known that when children/minors are preyed upon, I would even go so far to say that at least 95% of of children preyed upon. It’s by someone they KNOW. Hence, why children/minors have privacy rules/laws, especially in the medical area.

What this Judge and mother have now done. Is potentially open up for cases where abusive parents/guardians can get access to their vulnerable children. AND AREN’T THE TERFS LAPPING THAT ONE UP!

Seriously, they’re calling the move by the Judge “common sense” and win for “parents” Completley and utterly the FACT that it actually undermines ALL minors now and their privacy.


And for TERFs, to sit there and complain about how women are nothing but controlled. They seem to have NO PROBLEMS with controlling their own children.

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