Don’t “Be Best”…”Go Higher” and heal America.

I have seen a LOT of disturbing things on Twitter at the moment. It’s hard to get through the mess.

Chill people.

I wans’t actually going to say anything, but I feel I must. I KNOW that Trump Supporters and Trump himself, and the GOP have been just horrible all this time…But, why do people insist on doing the same back?

We’re in the mess BECAUSE of the actions and words of Trump. Don’t start acting and being them!

Go Higher, people. Don’t just be best…Go Higher.

I have seen Trump and Trump Supporters say some terrible things this week…But we don’t do THAT, because we ARE better than that. I have reported a LOT of Twitter accounts this week alone, which have been banned, or at the least the comment threatening to kill people is gone.

We’re SUPPOSED to be better than that.

Isn’t that we/you voted FOR Biden, because he’s NOT like that? Isn’t that why you wanted Democrats/Liberal in charge? Because we’re NOT Trump or his supporters?

If you want America to actually heal, two wrongs have never made a right.

If you see a horrible post, report, let others know to report, block and/or mute them. Get on with healing America again!


Also, at this point. I have decided to wait a bit longer, before I go back onto Facebook.

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