Oh my god, omg

Have I told you all how much I’ve missed you all!

It’s CRAZY, how things are going down at the the moment! Twitter is it’s usual mess. It’s been a little funny, because, I think in a way, I get why America may be the way it is. Take for example, the spats already happening with the Democrats. I had no idea that Lincoln Project was run by Republican Conservatives … Yet, I don’t think it matters either. People and places change, and they weren’t helping Trump either. While I get why people might be tense about them, I heard nothing about it before. At first I apologise, but then I was like “No, Lincoln Project HELPED Biden and the Democrats”. There are plenty of Republicans who don’t like Trump, or what the GOP have done…


I have written a post tomorrow, about some projects that I undertook while I took my social media leave. Just a quick update here with some of the things, that I don’t write about tomorrow, that also happened too me…Went to a funeral, and had a job interview.

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Literally, went to the funeral on the Wednesday (it was for my partners Aunt), had a good cry. She was literally born in-between my parents. So, wasn’t that old when she passed…alone. One of her sons lives in the UK, and the other in Ireland, leaving two new grand twins behind. What really made me cry though, she’s never going to be able to meet her twin grand bubbas. She lived in Melbourne. Well, she can…Depending how you look at the world.

Then the next day, got a call for a interview for the Friday. Went to that, oh my god, I don’t want it, lol. Everything that I thought it was, wasn’t. Don’t you just hate that?! I went for a PART TIME RECEPTIONIST role for a reputable towing company. They said with my skills, I could easily go to full-time. The worst part…They want me to be back up for their call center! If I wanted to do that, I would have applied for a call center place! Luckily, I don’t think I’ll get it. They’re interviewing all this week too.

Also, something about Christmas happened. Which I cannot talk about until a bit before Christmas, but I am already writing up that post. It’s all about being the bigger person, but also being completely “I got you” as well, lol

After those few days though, my stomach REALLY hurt. So I ended up being sick as well!



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