Nurture Thursday – Competition

Nurt Thurs – Competition

I decided to refer this to a Halloween type Nurture this week. What I am going to write about for “Competition” is about costumes. Every year, I always see these one kind of memes, especially when it comes to girls/women and their costumes.

Generally ones that are like

“Slutty” Girls vs “Nerdy” Girls or

“Other” girls vs me

What I am trying to write is, dress up how ever YOU want too! You want dress with a costume that shows all the curves, do it. If you want to dress as a favourite character, that may not show as many curves, do it, or one big curve (haha). I’ve always found Halloween to be a time, when you can be who you want to be, who you’ve always wanted to see what it might be like. Put that mask on, put that “costume” on, be who you WANT to be.


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