Save the Black Kitties!

One truly horrible time around Halloween is how black cats and kittens are treated at this time of the year.

Black and the night have long been symbols of evil due to the fears of our ancestors. Many of the old Pagan religions also associated the black cat with witchcraft and evil. … During the witch trials, black cats were often burned at the stake alongside witches.

Halloweens is unfortunately a very dangerous times for Black Cats and Kittens…After all, humans are stupid.

How Dangerous is Halloween for Black Cats

Still, the black cat has managed to catch a few breaks over the centuries. He is regarded as lucky in the United Kingdom and Asia. And in parts of France, we find the matagot (magician-cat) and the chat d’argent — “black cats who have the power to attract wealth into any house where they are loved and well fed,” according to Dr. Fernand Méry, a veterinarian and journalist.

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

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