Share Your World – 12/10/2020

Share Your World – 10/12/20


Are we “here” or do we just think we are?  (A metaphysical question today folks.) Can you prove your point of view?

As a “Queen” of going beyond the veil. I think we are both here and think we are just are.

From an identity stand-point, which would be the worst for you personally to lose?  Your face, your body or your voice?    Which do YOU identify with most strongly for your own sense of self?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, good one! I think my voice. If you lose your body, your face, but you still have your voice. Then you can still speak for yourself and others.

Do you have a ‘song’?  If you’re part of a couple, you could use “your couple’s song” OR a song that’s just always resonated with you.

As morbid as it sounds, I actually have two funeral songs. I’m not planning too die any time too, but one of these reasons I would like them too be my funeral songs is because I think they are “me”. My partner don’t really have a “song”. The closest that we have is a song that we both REALLY love “I see Fire” by Ed Sheridan, but it’s not really a couple song.

“Spooky” Halloween Question:  Oooo!  BOO!  

Are ghosts real or has someone been smoking something and just imagines them?

I really hope they are! Not nasty ones though, lol

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always strictly optional)

Please free free to share a moment of gratitude you experienced over the past week.


2 thoughts on “Share Your World – 12/10/2020

  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your World. Great answers, and if I may, what do you mean by “the Queen of beyond the veil?” In my belief system that probably means something vastly different than you meant…but I’m just nosy too. Only answer if you’re comfortable talking about it! Interesting perspective on the voice, face, body question…that’s a really good point. Without the voice, how can one ever speak up for oneself or others? Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Oh, it’s just means…When I was younger, and wouldn’t want to be somewhere, I would just…go…lol…My Gran would say “She’s gone”lol…It’s kind of like day dreaming, but a bit more dreamy,lol


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