World Mental Health Day

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but this is too much of a important day to not post something on! As someone who fights mental health, I’ve written a list of what works for myself. I will also write a little about what it’s like having my mental health issues. See, if others can relate. At the end of the day, each of us who have a mental health condition is literally in a fight with themselves.

I’m going to write what works for myself first, because I don’t want to write about what my mental health is like first, in case, it does trigger someone, before I’ve even got to write about what might work.

Writing this list, please note, that I still get anxiety attacks. This can help lessen my wooooooooooooo.

  1. My last drink before bed is always either water or a chamomile tea.
  2. One of the reasons I love my plushies, is because they’re great cuddlers. They’re great when no one else wants to cuddle!
  3. Being aware of how your body reacts to certain foods and drinks. For an example, I can only drink one cup of hot chocolate a day, and I really shouldn’t do that either. It’s so sugary, that the come down after a hour or so makes me go weird.
  4. I wish I had started to Garden earlier! It’s the best! On a good day, you get out there, listen to the birds, and make your garden a bit tired…While getting some exercise too.
  5. Computer games that I can get lost in for hours! One of the big problems with anxiety, is that sometimes you can get stuck. So getting lost in something fun for a while, helps. When I first developed big anxiety, I’d play the Sims for literal hours.
  6. Be honest. If you’re having a bad mental health day, be honest with yourself. You can’t fix what you wont acknowledge.
  7. Music, it has to be up to you with what music you choose to listen too. Personally, I will listen to ye olde celtic music and meditation music, especially when I can’t sleep.

World Health Organization – Global challenge for movement on mental health kicks off

So, now we get into the potentially triggering section of the post.

Ignoring my big one, because I’ve only felt like one other time, but because I knew what was happening. I managed to figure myself out. When I can feel that I’m off, it’s a extremely odd feeling. You know something is wrong with your brain, but yet you can’t do anything about it.

A lot of the time, I just sit there going…well…saying to myself “Stop be silly. There’s nothing to worry about.” Some days that can work all on it’s own, but if I’ve had a bad day, or for some reason my brain just feels “lazy”. I can’t stop it. When everything first happened, I had a hard time showering, so I use to sing one sentence in my head over and over “I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy”. I was so frightened of having a anxiety attack, especially being wet and in the nude.

It’s a really annoying feeling, many times my Doctor and Therapist have asked me “What do I want to happen” and I always say to them “I just want to feel normal again”. You are literally fighting your brain to “behave” itself. It’s a really odd feeling.

One thing I have noticed though. When someone else is sick, or needs help, or take a few days ago, when we went looking for our cousins lost dog. Normally I can’t stand being in a car for long. Yet, I managed the other day to be in one for three hours with no problem. I wont mention times like that until I get back to the safety of home though, lol

I think it’s why I fight, not only do I understand the mental stress and strain that people MUST be under, but it’s also a positive distraction for myself. I look, fighting for trans people at the moment. We’ve all gone through so much this year, and the transphobia that Rowling is just throwing about, is just so unnecessary and cruel. How transphobics don’t “get it”…Well…I don’t get it…

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