Teachable Lesson!

Tattoo costs frenchman kindergarten teacher job

Now, this mans tattoo’s are not to my taste, but I assume at the same time he’s probably more than perfectly fine fellow. I don’t think any actual creeps or predators, would tattoo them like this. Personally, I like tattoos, but would never get one on my body, because I would get bored and want to get rid.

That’s not my reason for this post though. The man was fired, because a student from ANOTHER class was having nightmares about him, and his “scary” tattoos. Not because of the parents and students of his own actual class, but because of another parent and child not in his class.

Now, I don’t know how the French schooling system works, but I would assume that teachers like most modern day schools, would have had to have gone through some sort of screening process, to protect the children.

So there I am reading about it, and just thinking that that parent could have done SO much good! Especially when it comes to teaching children, about not judging books by their covers…kind of thing…

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