Let’s just go for it!…Nudity!

I am starting to wonder if a lot of people’s problems these days, are because they’re just really uptight. Even when people insist it’s everybody else that has the “pervy” problem. It’s normally the person projectng their own insecurities.

Which got me thinking.

How often do you actually hear of nudists having a sexual harassment or violence problem? Maybe that’s the trick! We all just need to become nudists and then maybe we wont all be so hung up on our bodies, and the bodies of others?

9 thoughts on “Let’s just go for it!…Nudity!

  1. It makes a lot of sense. The communities where sexuality if freer (like the BDSM community and all) are a lot more strict in harassment views and a lot more free with bodies. They’re policed way more efficiently and thus allow a lot ‘safer’ comfortableness.

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